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Radial Layer

Last updated 10.01.2024

A layer that provides a gradient that rotates around a single point and optionally spins.

A rainbow radial layer

Note that this gradient is generated using discrete pie-shaped segments of colour. This color is determined by the median color at a particular point on the gradient. For example, if there were 4 segments, each would have a 90 degree arc. The first would use the color at 45 degrees (90 / 2) the second at 135 degrees, etc. If you do not get the colors you expect when using small numbers of segments, this is likely the reason.


GradientThe gradient of the layer.
Rotation speedThe rotation speed of the layer, in degrees per second. Positive will spin clockwise, negative for counter-clockwise.
Segment countThe number of segments (see above) that are used to create the gradient. A lower number will result in distinct blocks of colour whereas a higher number will result in a smoother transition.
Affected keysThe keys or region to apply the gradient to.

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