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Gradient Layer

Last updated 10.01.2024

The Gradient Layer shows a gradient effect on the specified keys. The gradient can also be animated to move across the keyboard to give a wave effect. If it helps to understand how it works, you can imagine the gradient to be displayed on a (possibly moving) rectangle, and each key acts as a “window” onto that rectangle.

A rainbow Gradient Layer on the alphabetical keys


GradientThe solid color to set all the affected keys to.
Effect SpeedThe speed at which the animation (as given by Animation Type) moves.
Effect AngleThe angle of the gradient.
Animation Type
  • None - No animation, static gradient.
  • Translate X and Y - Moves the gradient X and Y (depending on angle).
  • (Radial only) Zoom In
  • (Radial only) Zoom Out
Reverse DirectionWhether or not to reverse the direction the gradient animation plays.
Affected KeysA collection of keys that will be set to the above solid color.

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