Aurora User Docs

Conditional & Comparison Layers

Last updated 27.04.2020

These layers are no longer necessary and the Overrides System should be used instead as it has more functionality than these layers. They will remain in Aurora so as not to break existing profiles.

Conditional Layer

The conditional layer sets the color of the given keys to one of two colors, based on whether the a boolean value (a yes/no) from the game or system or is true or false. Not all games have boolean properties available. Like the percent layers, a drop down is provided allowing you to select from a list the variable you want to reference.

An example of this layer in use is whether or not the indicators are on in Euro Truck Sim 2.

Comparison Layer

The comparison layer allows for comparing two values (known as operands) from the system or the game state and changing the color of the specified keys based on this comparison. To use this layer, select a variable for the two operands from the drop down lists or type in a number if you want a specific value. Then select the relevant operator, such as equals, greater than, etc.

An example of this layer could be to highlight the function keys when your health is less than 25%.

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