Aurora User Docs


Last updated 21.01.2024

You can have brand specific integrations (like LightFX and Lightsync) with Razer devices using Aurora.

Required Software

One of:

  • Synapse
  • OpenRGB


  • After installing Synapse, you can disable all Razer services and only leave “Razer Chroma SDK Service” running to reduce background usage.
  • Using Chroma SDK Service and a Chroma integrated game make Razer devices flicker. In this case using OpenRGB and “Disabling Device Control” in “Devices & Wrappers” menu of Aurora is recommended

Needed configuration

The SDK should come enabled by default when you install Synapse.

Supported Devices

All devices except really recent devices should work. For really recent devices, small update to the SDK library is needed.

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