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Natively Supported Games

And many more through the Razer, Logitech and LightFX integration wrappers!

Natively Supported Brands

and AtmoOrb


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Desktop (Zoetato)
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Layer Overrides (DrMeteor)
3 / 11
Key Wave (Davato)
4 / 11
Audio Visualiser (gitmacer)
5 / 11
Layer Overrides (Zoetato)
6 / 11
Excluding Keys (Zoetato)
7 / 11
Toggle key layer (DrMeteor)
8 / 11
Audio Visualiser (Davato)
9 / 11
Excluding Keys (gitmacer)
10 / 11
Layer Overrides (Davato)
11 / 11
Key Fade (Zoetato)

Video Demos

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• Display volume percentage on the keyboard
• Display CPU and Memory usage on the keyboard
• Layering system for effects
• Define custom layers with individual effects
• Key selection via freeform region
• Customizable “away from keyboard” effects
• Set global peripheral brightness on the fly without having to leave your game
• Completely turn off peripheral lights after a specific time
• Interactive keyboard effects such as: Key Fade, Key Wave, and Arrow Flow
• Preview lighting effects without having to launch the game
• Simultaneous support for different brands of RGB peripheral devices
• Support for a wide range of models from all the top brands of RGB peripherals
• Support for almost any Logitech LED and Razer Chroma supported games
• Add other programs to define custom lighting layers for daytime and nighttime themes
• Display shortcut keys with Shortcuts Assistant
• Automatic updater
• Ability to select your preferred keyboard layout and brand
• Ability to select your mouse, and it's orientation (left/right handed)
• Import/Export for profile settings
• Customizable gradient layers
• Scripting support for custom lighting effects & custom devices

Battlefield 1 features
• Flashes red when the player takes damage.
• Lights up keybindings.

Borderlands 2 features
• Health and Shield indicators

Clone Hero features
• Note Streak Indicator
• Star Power Percentage Indicator
• Note Hit Animation
• Fret Press Indicator
• Star Power Activation Indicator & Color Overrides
• FC Indicator
• Menu Effects
• Flashes red when a player misses a note or overstrums

CS:GO features
• Team-based background lighting
• Health and Ammo indicators
• Bomb effect
• Kill indicators
• Burning and Flashbang effects
• Chat/Console typing keys

DOOM features
• Animation on kills and glory kills
• Animation on item pickups

Diablo III features
• Ability cooldowns
• Health and damage indicators
• Legendary item pickup animations

Dishonored features
• Health and Mana indicators.
• Potion indicators.

Dota 2 features
• Team-based background lighting
• Respawn effect
• Killstreak effect
• Health and Mana indicators
• Ability and Item indicators
• Hero ability effects

Dying Light features
• Background lighting changes according to time of day, health, and flashlight
• All keybindings with a color for each category

Euro Truck Simulator 2 / American Truck Simulator features
• Throttle/braking indicators
• RPM meter
• Blinkers
• Beacons
• Fuel/air pressure indicators
• Ignition indicator

Factorio features
• Loading bar on startup
• Health indicator
• Research done alerts

Grand Theft Auto V features
• Dynamic background lighting (based on current character or race position)
• Custom police siren effects

Hotline Miami features
• Hotline Miami has a slowly alternating color effect.

Killing Floor 2 features
• Static red on main menu
• Low Health and death indicators
• Blue flash when healing
• White during zed time
• Red flash on incoming wave
• Fire and Puke indicator flashes

League of Legends features
• Teammate pings
• Low health and Damage taken
• Grey on death

Minecraft features
• Healthbar
• XP bar
• Armor and hunger bars (not on the default profile but can easily be added)
• Flame effect when player burns
• Raindrops when world is raining
• Background based on time-of-day

Move or Die features
• WASD, TFGH, IJKL and Arrows lighting up with their respective player colors.
• Flash red followed by the player color if a player dies.
• Round winning player colored flashes.
• Match winning player colored pulses.
• Rapid white flashes when leveling up.
• Rapid red flashes while sudden death.
• Synchronized yellow warning flashes idle warning in lobby.
• Colored waves based on the item rarity of the unlocked item.

Osu! features
• Health and accuracy meters
• Animations for missing beats and losing combos
• Animations when you hit a beat

Overwatch features
• Different color depending on hero
• Ability cooldown indicators
• Ultimate indicator and animation (for certain heroes)
• Lights up keybindings

Payday 2 features
• Assault-based background lighting effects
• Suspicion background effect
• Player health and ammo indicators

Quake Champions features
• Different color depending on chosen champion
• Lights up keybinds with each weapons color

Quantum Conumdrum features
• Changes color based on what dimension the player is in

Rocket League features
• Team-based background lighting
• Score-split for background effect
• Boost indicator
• Goal Explosions

Subnautica features
• Depth indicator
• Health, water, oxygen, and hunger indicator
• PDA status

The Division features
• Burn indicators
• Ability cooldowns
• Ammo indicator
• Lights up keybindings

The Talos Principle features
• Changes color based on the puzzle color the player is in

The Witcher 3 features
• Current active sign as background
• Health, Toxicity, and Stamina indicators